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Ton of 88-91 Civic/90-93 Integra parts FS (B16)

Discussion in 'Reality Check' started by asmd, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. asmd

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    Jun 7, 2003
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    Sackville, Nova Scotia
    Motor Parts:

    -JDM 1st Gen B16 Bottom end
    Block, crank, connecting rods, pistons (rotating assembly never removed)
    -1990-1991 Integra Engine harness (UNCUT!)
    -B series AC pump (3x,xxxkm)
    -B series PS pump (serpentin belt style)
    -B series alternator (3x,xxxkm) will fit B16A, B18 and 92-95 D series)
    -B series oil pan (no rust)
    -B series intake manifold (bare, from 1st gen B16A)
    -2 92 up D series power steering pumps (on has damage along outter edge of pulley)
    -4 D series starters
    -Various motor mounts (b series and d series)

    1988-1991 Civic Interior:

    -Si Front and rear seats (rails on front seats, small rip on DS bolster).
    -Dark grey carpet
    -Black rear trunk carpet
    -Black seat belts (all 5)
    -Black rear cargo cover (split in middle along hinge)
    -Black rear cargo cover mounts
    -rear 6.5" speaker mounts (mount to cargo cover mounts)
    -Civic/CRX spare tire well cover
    -Center console with arm rest/cover (painted white, arm rest cover blue)

    1988-1991 Civic Parts

    -Driver side and passenger side quarter panels/inner wheel wells (absolutely spotless,
    no rust at ALL! Will cut to size you need) Paid 659 at civic pride a year ago
    for both sides, will sell pair for a deal
    -Si power sunroof assembly (frame, motor, glass, grey glass cover)
    -Jamex lower springs (stiff springs, 2" drop front, 2.25")
    -88-89 Style front and rear bumper covers (red in colour, no rebars)
    -Brake booster
    -Master cylinder
    -Gas tank (no holes, complete with sending unit, pickup and fuel pump)
    -Si throttle cable
    -Speedometer cable
    -Front plastic inner wheel wells
    -Front lower valence plastic covers
    -Front cowl cover (black plastic piece that sits below the wiper arms)
    -5 speed petal cluster
    -Wiper motors (3)
    -Gas tank filler spouts (2, one MINT other has minimul rust around air vent tube)
    -Manual Steering rack (no play)
    -Driver side and passenger side front and rear side glass
    -Windshield washer bottle with motor (single motor, non Si)
    -Front sway bar (no end links or brakets)

    1990-1993 Integra Parts

    -Headlights, foglights, headlight buckets (mint, no rust)
    -92-93 Style front bumper (charcoal in colour) with rebar
    -Front rad support blue in colour (upper support, lower support, headlight gussets)
    -Brake booster
    -Master cylinder
    -Proportioning valve
    -Front sway bar (k-frame mounts and rubbers, no endlinks)
    -Rear sway bar (mounts and end links)

    Cleaning out the garage to make room for my new project, need to free up some space.
    Open to just about ANY reasonable offer, and more than willing to deliver.
    Just need most of this stuff gone. Pictures avaiable upon request.

    Last edited: Feb 9, 2005

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