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Ski's for sale and pro tunning for snowboards and ski's

Discussion in 'Reality Check' started by OJ Pimpson, Nov 25, 2003.

  1. OJ Pimpson

    OJ Pimpson
    Domino Motherfuckers

    Jun 8, 2003
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    Mid City
    Like the subject says i am offering tuning, with the personal touch (100 times better than cleves could ever do) PM me if you want your gear prepaired for the season or if you are interested in talkin' some #'s on these ski's or boots...

    Ski's for sale (All ski's were never avalible in stores)
    -4 pair's of Rossignol 9X (Original Retail 2000.00+ each)
    -World Cup race stock (steel tails)
    -Rossignol race plates
    -Rossignol bindings (Din 9-30) *(30= roughly 1200lb of force to release)
    -Two pairs have only been used for aporximatly 10 runs each.
    -All skis were waxed and tuned after each use.
    -2 pair's 191cm, other 2 pair's are 198cm
    -Will personally fit to your foot size
    -All in perfict condition, No rock's or burrs on edges

    -One set of Rossignol Dual-tech's (Black top's-older graphic, same as above, due to relase date they were advance copy of ski)(retail ?)
    -Used only 15 times
    -Acutal ski's used in the Olympic's by Thomas Grandi
    -Easily fastest ski's to ever make it into Nova Scotia
    -205cm in length
    -No bindings
    -Race plate on ski's currently
    -98% floro-carbon wax used (Cera F powder- 30g's @ 155us!)
    350 obo
    *Can't even stress these are some of the fastest ski's to ever even come into Canada, can easily get you over 100km within 20 sec. No beginers!!!!!!!!! You will die!

    -3 set's of rossignol ski boots
    Sizes are 28, have liners to fit 10-12 foot size

    -2 pair's of ski pole's
    6" tall, they will fit (retail 100 Us each)

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