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New schedule. Need input...

Discussion in 'Reality Check' started by dpwu32, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. dpwu32

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    Aug 25, 2003
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    Well, with work and school both being stupid busy for the next few months, I've unfortunately scale back my gym time. Going to be cut back from 4-5 visits a week to 3 (possibly 4, but I don't want to plan for a session I'm going to miss).

    I usually would train:


    Going five days a week, I would hit each muscle group once a week, and start the rotation again.

    I've lost a pile of weight (15lbs) since before my xmas vacation. and I know the majority of it has been muscle. I was 176 before the holidays, and as of last night, I'm down to 161. WAY too light for my liking.

    Here's my plan. Please critique:

    Monday: Chest/Bis
    Tuesday: Off
    Wednesday: Legs
    Thursday: Off
    Friday: Probably off. May be able to get to the gym once in a while.
    Saturday: Back/Shoulders/Tris
    Sunday: Off

    Obviously, I'll mix it up every few sessions, but I want/need to use the most effective excercises possible to be efficient as possible. Here are my thoughts:

    Chest: Flat bench press, dumbell flyes, incline bench press
    Bis: Hammer curls, chin-ups, preacher curls
    Legs: Squats, weighted calf raises, good mornings, deads
    Back: Wide grip pull-ups, seated cable rows, reverse flyes
    Shoulders: DB press, shrugs, front/lateral raises
    Tris: Skull crushers, cable pull downs, bar dips

    Lifiting as heavily as possible, doing three sets of five, with minimal rest between sets, but alternating muscle groups with each movement.

    Coupled with proper diet proportions and caloric intake, anyone see anything I should move/improve/include/exclude?

    I'll have about an hour and a half for each gym visit (Saturdays can run longer), and will be doing minimal cardio. Skipping for four or five minutes to warm up and maybe one or two quick HIIT sessions a week.

    Holy fuckin' long...:lol:

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