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Last of my vinyl for sale. Cheap!

Discussion in 'Reality Check' started by Sasquatch, Jul 18, 2004.

  1. Sasquatch

    Closer to the inevitable.

    Jul 28, 2003
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    Selling the whole crate, will not part ( you can part it up and sell for more and make some cash here ). This breaks my heart but needs to be done.

    Asking $300 OBO
    That's about 5 dollars a LP/EP/Single. And there are more than a few albums in here.

    Ninja Tune - Amon Tobin "Permutation"
    Ninja Tune - Amon Tobin "4 Ton Mantis"
    Ninja Tune - Amon Tobin "Slowly"
    Ninja Tune - Amon Tobin "Pick up the pieces of Saturn"
    Ninja Tune - The Herbaliser "Very Mercenary"
    Ninja Tune - DJ Food "Kaleidoscope"
    Ninja Tune - Coldcut "Let us Play"
    Ninja Tune - Coldcut "Let Us Replay"
    Ninja Tune - Coldcut "Every Home A Prison"
    Ninja Tune - Animals on Wheels "Cooked"
    Ninja Tune - Animals on Wheels "Designs and Mistakes"
    Ninja Tune - Kid Koala "Carpel Tunnel Syndrome"
    Warp - Aphex Twin "Window Licker"
    Prototype - Boymerang "Still"
    Pik n Mix - Smokin' the Fool "G.I. BLues"
    Reinforced - AquaSky "Concrete Boom"
    Moving Shadow - AquaSky "Subdivision"
    Protocol - Machine Code "Real Change"
    Palm - Dieselboy "The Descent"
    Palm - Dieselboy "Render"
    Atralwerks - Chemical Brothers "Hey Boy Hey Girl"
    Vibe - The Phuture Remixes
    Liquid Sky - Marquee Gilmor "Now & Here"
    Blue Planet - Plug "Me and Mr Sutton"
    Drumcode - Hybrid "Beyer"
    Mo Wax - DJ Shadow "Preemptice Strike"
    Hardfloor "Acperience" EP
    Flying Rhino - Bumbling Loons "Rumbling Toon"
    Flying Rhino - Darshan "Phased Transition"
    Suck Me Plasma - Pro-Active "Dominator"
    Noom - Optimus "Delete The Weak"
    Spirit - Colonel Gurnell "Time"
    Logic - Members of Mayday "Sonic Empire"
    Chug n Bump - Bushbabies "Delicious"
    Attitive - Commander Tom "Are Am Eye?"
    Kotoyte - Ominus "Psychic Race"
    Noom - Commander Tom "Kiss Myself"
    Dark Knight - "Bass is the Place"
    Phuture Wax - "Taste of Flesh"
    MM - Marshall & Oakley "Eclispe"
    Blueroom - Montauk P "If I"
    Fraken - "Trance for the Advanced"
    Boscoland - Jon the Dentist "Intelligent Life"
    Boscoland - K90 "Species"
    Pussyfoot - Headrillaz "Wierd Planet"
    Bliss - Electric Organic Sound System "Magical Condition"
    World Comination - Loop Guru "Sheikh"
    Urban Takeover - Natural Born Chillers "Rock the Funk Beat"
    Dreamworks - Forest for the Trees "Dream"
    Scottibros - James Brown "Hooked on Brown"
    Profile - Run DMC "Greatest Hits"
    Def Jam - Beastie Boys "Licensed to Ill"
    Jive - Jive Presents "Acid House"
    Jive - Mystikal "The Man Right Chea"
    Razor Sharp - Cappadonna "Black Boy"
    Columbia - Wyclef "Gone till November"
    Time Unlimited - DJ Meltron "MAsterpiece and Poetry"
    Eterpe - Oliver Le Castor "Different Bass"
    Dirt Style - Psychedelic Skratch Bastards "Battle Breaks"
    Music of Life - Clyde Stubblefield "Funky Drummer Breakbeat Album"

    Please PM me.

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