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Kijiji Ad

Discussion in 'Reality Check' started by Stang, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Stang

    Go Buy a Ford

    Jul 18, 2005
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    Heres an ad thats been running on Kijiji for weeks.

    Wanted: a boyfriend
    Price: Free

    Hello, my name is Tsila. I'm a 2.5-year-old shorthaired black European kitty. I went into heat early this year and so I'm looking for a nice, non-spayed boyfriend of 2 years of age or older. I really want to have kittens. Unfortunately I'm not looking to keep a boyfriend because having kittens all the time is much too big of a load for me. So I guess you could call this one night stand sort-of-thing, hehe. I think after this I'll be spayed. My mommy's planning to keep all the kittens. Seeing as I only had two last time, I'll likely have no more than that next time which isn't a big load for our household. You can contact my mommy through the contact box on the right for more information. Hope to meet you soon! *meow*, Tsila.



    I originally sent a nice response pointing out the error of her ways. No Response.

    So this time I went with ...

    "Get your cat fixed you crazy Bitch !! And stop adding to the over population of pets"

    Think I'll get a reply this time ?

  2. User1628

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    Jun 18, 2004
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    Nova Scotia
    send her a picture of bob barker

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