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    Dec 7, 2003
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    I have had a lot of large food while in Houston this time

    I have been to Kenny and Ziggy's a couple times now it is a New York style Deli , Texas sized the first time I went I ordered the Reuben it was gianormous it must of had a pound of corned beef and half a pound of swiss delicious but $15 for a sandwich is kinda steep, the desserts an Kenny and Ziggys are huge as I mentioned earlier they have a $10 that is the size of my forearm and the cheescakes are 14" round and they slice in 8ths

    but tonight I went the salt grass steakhouse and flavour per $ may be one of the best of my life I ordered the special for $14 it had a 6oz top sirloin, 5 grilled shrimp, grilled peppers and onions, texas fried onions and sweet potato fries. and to add to it it started with chicken tortilla soup and a loaf of the sweetest bread i have ever had, all that for $14 it was insane and the quality was amazing better than any steak I have ever had at the Keg. I will definately hit up A Salt Grass agin. Especially since they have bottomless fresh brewed ice tea.

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