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The More You Know: If you (or someone you know) is looking for work, DND is hiring civilian employees

Discussion in 'Reality Check' started by C. Mike Hunt, May 3, 2019.

  1. C. Mike Hunt

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    Oct 28, 2007
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    Across from Halifax

    List of job types:
    • Sheet Metal (SR-SMW-08)
    • Pipefitter (SR-PIP-08)
    • Welder (SR-MAN-09)
    • Plater (SR-BOB-09)
    • Electricians and Electronics Journeypersons (SR-EEW-10)
    • Finance Business Analyst (AS-04)
    • Equipment Health Monitoring Analyst (EG-05)
    • Docking Officer (EG-06)
    • IM Manager (CS-03)
    • Safety & Environment Inspectors (EG-05)*
    *will only be utilized if current process does not result in appointments

    • Clerks/Admin Positions (CR-03, CR-04)
    • Admin Support / Officer (AS-02, AS-03)
    • Security Supervisor Liaison Officer (AS-01)
    • Security Officer (AS-03)
    • Naval Warfare Librarian (AS-02)
    • Various IT positions (CS-01)
    • E-Learning Programmer and Lead (CS-01, CS-02)
    • Lab Manager (CS-02)
    • Storespersons – Hazmat (GS-STS-05)
    • Ammunition Apprentice and Technician (GT-01, GT-02)
    • Pollution Control Resp Instructor (GT-03)
    • ISSC Coordinator (GT-04)
    • Multimedia Specialist (GT-04)
    • Explosives Safety Officer (GT-05)
    • Material Control Officer (GT-06)
    • Maintenance Deckhand (SC-DED-04)
    • Various Ship’s Officer positions (SO-MAO-01, SO-MAO-02, SO-MAO-03, SO-MAO-06, SO-MAO-10)
    • Financial Analyst (PG-02)
    • Contracts Inspector (GL-COI-10)
    • Preventive Maintenance Supervisor (EG-06)
    • Various Health Professionals and Specialists
    • Language Teachers – English and French
    • Instructional Designers
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  2. Arod

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    Jun 26, 2003
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    Stratford, PE
    DVA just had a career fair today at the NSCC Ivany campus too. Big hiring blitz right now
  3. TheOldskoo


    Feb 29, 2012
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    I'm what feels like a good deal of the way through the candidate process for one of the EEW-10 positions now. If I'm already in the low to mid 30s per hour doing my current job; is this something worth making a leap for? Or would I be gypped for a number of years by some kind of apprentice rate or whatnot?

    I can find the payscale well enough since the union contracts are all public info, just not sure how they handle prior to:
    - The rate will be paid to an EEW-10 (Electronic Repairman) upon satisfactory completion of an Electronic Systems trade test.

    If I was taking a reduction to move over then I might as well not, because I'd have to guess that there is less flexibility.

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