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The More You Know: HRM: No Transit Service Sunday Until At Least Sunday due to Storm

Discussion in 'Reality Check' started by C. Mike Hunt, Feb 15, 2015.

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    Saturday, Feb. 14, 2015 (Halifax, NS) – Due to the severe weather forecasted for tomorrow, the Halifax Regional Municipality has decided to temporarily suspend Halifax Transit bus and ferry services on Sunday, Feb. 15.

    This means the buses and ferries will not run before noon, at the earliest, on Sunday morning. Staff will monitor the weather and road conditions and provide an update on service at noon tomorrow. At that time, it will be determined if service will be cancelled for the rest of the day or reinstated at a later hour.

    Environment Canada has a winter storm warning in effect for Nova Scotia. Right now the Halifax region is expected to get anywhere from 20 to 40 centimetres of snow Sunday morning, followed by 27 millimetres of rain. Forecasts are also calling for sustained winds of 40 km/h between 7 a.m. and 10 a.m., with gusts up to 90 km/h, causing periods of zero visibility. Temperatures will rise throughout the day but dip below freezing at approximately 6 p.m., aggravating road conditions and efforts to clear.

    Residents are reminded that the overnight parking ban will be enforced from 1-6 a.m. Sunday. This will helps crews continue snow removal operations tonight on the streets and sidewalks. Crews will switch over to clearing and salting once the snow begins.

    The weather is also expected to impact most municipal recreation facilities and programs. Residents are asked to contact their individual facility for further information on cancellations. Contact information is available online at www.halifax.ca/rec/reccentres.php.

    For storm updates and more information on snow clearing, please visit www.halifax.ca/snow.

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