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FS lizards and tanks,list is up

Discussion in 'Reality Check' started by DGREEN, Jan 16, 2005.


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    Mar 28, 2004
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    sand dunes of PEI
    Well another one of my friends is selling off his breeding stock of lizards,and aquariums.I don't have a complete list yet but I will get one tomorrow.Prices are at cost so if you need a tank or new lizard let me know.He has no snakes,just lizards and a pair of turtles..
    Pm me if interested
    2 desert iguanas $75
    female bearded dragon $100
    2 male 1 female mali uramastyx $75 each
    pair of red nigerian uramastyx $75 each
    1female yellow nigerian uramastyx $75
    black/white tegu columbian $75
    savanah monitor $50
    leopard geckos..... $35 each to $45 for the nicer ones
    2 male het. patternless/albino
    1 male patternless het for albino
    6 females Het for patternless/albino
    1 female albino
    1 female blizzard
    1 male tang
    1 male high yellow
    3 female reverse stripe
    normals 2 males and 2 females-$25 each
    that is the list of lizards left going fast at these prices
    tanks are 10 gallon to roughly 80 gallons
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