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FS: 1987 Jetta Diesel 5 spd. mvi'd. $800

Discussion in 'Reality Check' started by bass_head, Apr 10, 2006.

  1. bass_head

    Topdawgg blows goats

    Sep 4, 2004
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    Lower Sackville
    1987 Jetta Diesel
    - 166k
    - 5 spd
    - manual steering
    - red ext. brown int.
    - mvi until Nov '06
    The good:
    This car was bought as a winter vehicle, driven for 1 month through the winter, sat the rest. I have put too much money and time into this car for what I will get out of it.
    here are a list of new parts:
    - alternator (relay is brand new, alternator is used)
    - starter
    - brake lines (hard and soft lines)
    - calipers and pads
    - clutch cable
    - blower motor
    - front ball joints
    - rear struts
    - shifter linkages
    - tires
    - more parts i cannot think of right now
    car runs great, drives great, gets 800+ km's to a tank, and with gas on it's way back up right now, everyone should be wanting diesel!
    THE BAD:
    the body is rough but solid. lots of dents, different shades of red paint, rust, etc. The battery will need to be charged (I can probably do that before selling) and the engine has a small oil leak at the bottom of the dip stick holder. It will either need to be sealed with rtv, or if you want, you can replace the dipstick holder.
    I paid $600 for this car back in November with a brand new safety, I have since put close to $800 into it, drove it for 1 month. Don't have the time nore the motivation to work on this car anymore.
    Looking to sell asap as it's just taking up room in my driveway. car is located in Lower Sackville, NS.
    If you need pictures or would like to see the car, message me, e-mail me Chris.MacIntosh@psu.com or call, (902)209-4376.

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