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For Sale: 1991 Eagle Talon TSi AWD $6000

Discussion in 'Reality Check' started by Ho Bag, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. Ho Bag

    Ho Bag
    New Member

    Oct 27, 2004
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    Stock block, std bore, hot tanked and magnafluxed
    new stock crank, never turned, std size bearings
    weisco forged 9:1 compression pistons
    egale h-beam forged rods
    mitsu performance rings and bearings through out engine
    all mitsu gaskets throught engine
    mitsu 4 layer metal headgasket
    new water pump
    new oil pump
    new timing belt and tentioner and pulleys

    new head
    3 angle valve job
    new valve seals
    new valve guides

    cyclone intake dual runner manifold
    custom adjustabel controler for cyclone manifold
    dejon tools hard upper intercooler pipes
    greddy type s bov
    gm mass air flow sensor mod
    mass air flwo translator/ used for tuning
    550cc denso injectors
    ported exhaust manifold
    ported turbo
    ported o2 housing
    accell wires
    rebuilt tranny
    lightened flywheel
    new clutch
    new throw out bearing
    custom shortened shifter(they dont make any for this car)
    balance shafts removed and whole engine was professionally balance

    engine has less then 4k miles on it
    3inch turbo back exhaust 2 weeks old! all mandrel bent piping

    94 big breaks up front
    front strut bar
    inglas adjustable rear control arms
    3bolt lsd rear end
    94 rear end conversion (hatch,spoiler, lights, bumper)
    removed crappy leather interior and put in good tsi clotch interior
    all power options

    upgraded h4 conversion for headlights
    new falken tires on 2g gsx rims 16's and a spare set of 16 inch rims too
    warlbro 255lph fuel pump

    car looks stock, this is an all go no show car, i can spin all 4 tires if i want to, surprises the fuck out of everything ive come against.

    240xxxkm on the body
    1 surface rust spot on top of driver side door
    2 bushing on front control arms coudl use replacing

    car also has new altnator and rewire and new radiator and new 02 sensor and new tierod ends

    probally forgot a bunch of stuff too, i always do


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