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Feeler: 1997 Eagle Talon TSi AWD

Discussion in 'Reality Check' started by 4G63, Feb 11, 2004.

  1. 4G63

    Got Boost ?

    Jun 25, 2003
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    Nova Scotia
    I have no reason to sel, this car, with the exception that I found a new car that I really want, When ya want something, ya gotta have it.

    Ill include the info on the car, mods, pics and so on

    1997 Eagle Talon tsi awd
    Black Exterior
    Grey interior (not leather)
    options include : (I don't know what was standard or options ?)
    power windows
    power locks
    power mirrors
    Rear wiper
    Interior in Excellent shape

    Exterior also in Good shape, no rust on body, no holes, and very good paint condition.

    Winter rims/tires included (on the car now, 15's)
    Summer rims and tires in good shape with roughly 70% tread left (17's)

    All 5 windows tinted in Dec 03 35% front, 20% rear (can be removed if desired)

    140 XXX on the odometer
    Motor runs very good and very strong, does not burn or leak any oil at all.
    oil changed every 4000kms
    Transmission shifts like butter
    Front end very tight
    Struts and suspension are excellent
    undernieth the car looks very good also, floors are perfect, rockers are good and so on.

    New clutch (just installed)
    New brake pads on all 4 corners (rotors were good)
    New flex pipe on the exhaust (have unit, waiting to install it)
    New air filter (not yet installed)
    New thermostat
    New flush and fill on the cooling system (Nov 03)
    New Rear left wheel bearing (starting to humm so replaced it with new unit)
    Tranny and rear end fluid change in Nov 03

    Car Was in an accident before, the owner before me got into a fender bender, The front bumper cover was replaced, along with a headlight and front fender.
    I went over the car with a fine tooth comb before buying it and had it to several body shops, myself and the techs at the body shop found Nothing wrong with the car and came to the conclusion it was fixed the proper way and the right way.
    Only thing that was not replaced was the stock fog lights in the bumper.
    Alot of people cant tell the car was in a minor accident unless I tell them other wise, I have no reason not to tell anyone it was in a bender,If it was fixed right then I personally see no problem with it.
    All brand new parts were used and was done at a professional body shop.

    Owner before myself was a women who seemed to have takin very good care of the car, she provided me with many service records for the car, everything from oil changes to the timing belt change. all service when se had the car was done at the dealer and when it was spose to be.

    Mods right now consist of an auto meter full pillar gauge pod and auto meter ultra lite gauges (boost and volt)

    Now, The car is not perfect.
    The driver side door does not lock, it seems to be something inside the door, something may be seized up or one of the rods may be bent I don't know, I never took the time to pull the door skin off and look.

    The rear wiper motor does not work, however, I do have a working motor that is not installed and I will include it with the car.

    The stock Chrome exhaust tips on the muffler are gone, nothing major but it does look better with them.

    No fog lights are in the front bumper anymore, the brackets and wiring is still there, but not the lights themselves.

    There is also no Eagle emblem in the front bumper, when the new cover was put on it must have been an aftermarket piece and did not come with the eagle on it, I honestly don't know if its a sticker or a pressed in image, again, something I never looked into.

    and finally, The Cruise control does not work.
    The controls on the steering wheel seem to be fine, I was told its probley i leaky vacuum line that activates the cruise.

    Here are some pics for the curious.


    I have not even begun to think about a price, if anyone is interested please make me an offer and we can take it from there.

    Im sure theres lots of info and such that I left out, so please ask if theres any questions about anything and I will answer asap.

  2. drose

    Well-Known Member

    Aug 14, 2003
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    New Brunswick
    These are very sweet cars ppl! I wish I could get the money together to buy it :( but it's just not in the budget. BUy it and you will not regret it!
  3. stu mccrea

    New Member

    Oct 30, 2003
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    Why don't you post a price ferg.......

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