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car and driver august 2003

Discussion in 'Reality Check' started by bluenosersx, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. bluenosersx

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    Jul 21, 2003
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    they did an article in this magazine of the top 5 two seater roadsters

    1. Nissan 350z
    2. Honda s2000
    3. Porsche Boxster
    4. bmw z4
    5. audi tt roadster (conv)

    they did it for the cars in the 40-50k price range (us dollars) (even though the s2000 is 33k us).

    the results came back like this
    1. honda s2000
    2. nissan 350z
    3. Porsche Boxster
    4. Bmw z4
    5. Audi tt

    i'm suprised the s2000 won that category, always loved the cars and would have a hard time deciding if i'd want a s2000 or 350.

    i was also suprised the s2000 beat the 350z in both the 0-60 times and 1/4 mile times. (s2000 ran a 14.1 in the 1/4 and 5.4 seconds 0-60)

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