Astronomy - Globular Cluster NGC 2419

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    Globular Cluster NGC 2419

    [​IMG]Globular Cluster NGC 2419Of three objects prominent inthis thoughtful telescopic image,a view toward the stealthy constellationLynx,two (the spiky ones) are nearby stars.The third is the remote globular star clusterNGC 2419,at distance of nearly 300,000 light-years.NGC 2419 is sometimescalled "the Intergalactic Wanderer",an appropriate title considering that the distance tothe Milky Way's satellite galaxy, theLarge Magellanic Cloud, is onlyabout 160,000 light-years.Roughly similar to other large globular star clusters likeOmega Centauri, NGC 2419is itself intrinsically bright, but appears faint becauseit is so far away.NGC 2419 may really have an extragalactic origin as,for example, the remains of a small galaxycaptured and disrupted by the Milky Way.But its extreme distance makes it difficult tostudyand compare its properties with otherglobular clusters that roam the halo ofour Milky Way galaxy.

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