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New Profile Posts

  1. Kelly Mercer
    Kelly Mercer
    Just another photographer living just outside of Halifax.
  2. Kelly Mercer
    Kelly Mercer
    Wow, I had forgotten about this site!
  3. nomad22
    Renovation Complete
  4. Soapy Cleaning
    Soapy Cleaning
    Sit back and relax while we take care of all your cleaning and housekeeping needs. We serve much of the surrounding Nova Scotia.
  5. RoidsReview
  6. SmartSteroids
  7. Smithk1111
  8. scottmoore
  9. Pop Alexandra
    Pop Alexandra
    Glad to be part of this community
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  10. yzinger
    yzinger Gooch
    Very nice..enjoy it man. Jealous.
  11. yzinger
    yzinger Gooch
    wow man. Nice ride. Thats kind of FFR rig I wanted. Is it a Factory Five? engine choice? Big big $$?
    1. Gooch
      Yeah Factory Five. it is a 302. The car is flawless. The guy who made it did an incredible job. I think I got an amazing deal at under 50K. It will be cherished by me. Dream car since I was a kid:) When my kids are older I want to build my own factory five cobra or 33 using a 5.0 coyote
      Apr 11, 2017
  12. teal
    Hi! I wasn't even sure this site would still exist, nice to see so many people are still around.
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  13. Leroy
    Leroy teal
    Hellooo old friend
  14. limonakerry
    Self-Published Book Awards
  15. Funtik
  16. SevenNineSeven
    SevenNineSeven RabidBadger
    Can I ask you a few questions abut this career. I'd like to get involved.
  17. Oki2015
    Oki2015 Goalie34
    Sorry for the late response Goalie. I was on nights and do not have access to a computer at the mine!
  18. SevenNineSeven
  19. Oki2015
    Oki2015 Goalie34
    Hello Goalie, I'm finishing my night shifts. I can help you out on Monday, Nov. 21.
    1. Goalie34
      Thank you so much for responding, I wanted to ask if you could spare a bit of time tomorrow (20th) at whatever time would be convenient for you as I have to have application completed & sent on the 21st. I totally understand if this wouldn't work for you with your shift & really appreciate your response either way.
      Nov 19, 2016
  20. canadianblackbook
  21. CorporateGirl
    CorporateGirl billybob
    Hi there,

    I found your name on a thread. Are you a heavy haul operator in Fort Mac? I had a few questions regarding that career choice. I am not looking for employers or anything; just as much info as I can get on the job, what a day looks like, pros, cons, hazards, etc.
    I am a 44 yr old female and looking for a career change. Been in admin for 20+ years and want a change. Thank you! Cindy
  22. CorporateGirl
    Career changing at 44
  23. Dewie
    Updated status message
  24. 9:30
    Yup..uhuh...yup....ooooh yup
  25. 9:30
    Yup..uhuh...yup;;...ooooh yup
  26. hellovn
  27. ANGELL
    ANGELL Boots
    Boots I think the time is messed up on my account. Is that a thing. It says new posts are from 5pm kinda thing. Where do I check that?
    1. Boots
      Tap on your name and then preferences :)
      Oct 20, 2015
  28. AmateurB
    Truth seeker
  29. Kassie Power
    Kassie Power
    Work to Live
  30. Toronto Girl
    Toronto Girl JBI
    I don't see a private messaging system on the board. . . I see your Dad rode with the Tribe years ago. I was married to a Para Dice Rider and knew many of the guys from the club - Locky, Stumpy, Speedy, Sooner etc. Would your Dad be interested in discussing his experiences for a possible book? I can be reached at [email protected] if he would like to talk. I'm a massage therapist and this is my work email.
  31. hank
    What's a status?
  32. Scorpio
    This is like Facebook for dial-up......
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  33. Scorpio
    What's it all about Alfie??
  34. caperatlarge
    caperatlarge Boots
    opps what i got got was to post pics from photos & ULR to i guess ..
    1. Boots
      You can use imgur.com
      Mar 15, 2015
  35. caperatlarge
    caperatlarge Boots
    hey i know i saw something a bit ago about how to post pics ..i can't seem to find it since the site was giving a once over ..can you tell me where to find the info ...