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    Self-Published Book Awards
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  3. SevenNineSeven
    SevenNineSeven RabidBadger
    Can I ask you a few questions abut this career. I'd like to get involved.
  4. Oki2015
    Oki2015 Goalie34
    Sorry for the late response Goalie. I was on nights and do not have access to a computer at the mine!
  5. SevenNineSeven
  6. Oki2015
    Oki2015 Goalie34
    Hello Goalie, I'm finishing my night shifts. I can help you out on Monday, Nov. 21.
    1. Goalie34
      Thank you so much for responding, I wanted to ask if you could spare a bit of time tomorrow (20th) at whatever time would be convenient for you as I have to have application completed & sent on the 21st. I totally understand if this wouldn't work for you with your shift & really appreciate your response either way.
      Nov 19, 2016
  7. canadianblackbook
  8. CorporateGirl
    CorporateGirl billybob
    Hi there,

    I found your name on a thread. Are you a heavy haul operator in Fort Mac? I had a few questions regarding that career choice. I am not looking for employers or anything; just as much info as I can get on the job, what a day looks like, pros, cons, hazards, etc.
    I am a 44 yr old female and looking for a career change. Been in admin for 20+ years and want a change. Thank you! Cindy
  9. CorporateGirl
    Career changing at 44
  10. Dewie
    Updated status message
  11. 9:30
    Yup..uhuh...yup....ooooh yup
  12. 9:30
    Yup..uhuh...yup;;...ooooh yup
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  14. ANGELL
    ANGELL Boots
    Boots I think the time is messed up on my account. Is that a thing. It says new posts are from 5pm kinda thing. Where do I check that?
    1. Boots
      Tap on your name and then preferences :)
      Oct 20, 2015
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    Truth seeker
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    Kassie Power
    Work to Live
  17. Toronto Girl
    Toronto Girl JBI
    I don't see a private messaging system on the board. . . I see your Dad rode with the Tribe years ago. I was married to a Para Dice Rider and knew many of the guys from the club - Locky, Stumpy, Speedy, Sooner etc. Would your Dad be interested in discussing his experiences for a possible book? I can be reached at if he would like to talk. I'm a massage therapist and this is my work email.
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    What's a status?
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    This is like Facebook for dial-up......
  20. Scorpio
    What's it all about Alfie??
  21. caperatlarge
    caperatlarge Boots
    opps what i got got was to post pics from photos & ULR to i guess ..
    1. Boots
      You can use
      Mar 15, 2015
  22. caperatlarge
    caperatlarge Boots
    hey i know i saw something a bit ago about how to post pics ..i can't seem to find it since the site was giving a once over ..can you tell me where to find the info ...
  23. Dewie
    Enough with the snow...